Countdown to Nottingham’s big day

The campaign to "Get Nottingham Trending" started almost accidentally with a tweet from Tony Bates (@babblingbates) on a quiet Tuesday morning, musing the idea of getting our fine city to become a trending topic on Twitter. As can happen in the fast moving world of social media the idea immediately got discussed and the date of Friday April 20th was agreed, giving only three days to get some interest.

Within an hour or so local MP Lilian Greenwood tweeted that the day had been “declared” so it became official. Please to join in were re-tweeted thousands of times with The Arena and Nottingham City Council amongst the huge numbers coming on board, topped off by an official endorsement by Council Leader Jon Collins.

BBC Radio Nottingham’s Mark Dennison also took an early interest and invited Tony onto Thursday’s show and reported progress on the day. A last minute thought on Thursday resulted in placards being produced by Tony’s graphics business and he, Jon Collins and Lilian Greenwood met in Old Market Square for a photo call, with the story making Saturday’s front page and a large photo on pages four and five. This was followed by a chance meeting at Nottingham Playhouse with The Sheriff of Nottingham who added his support and agreed to have a photo taken with placard.

The result of a manic day was not that we got Nottingham trending. However, we did triple the number of mentions to over 10,000, pretty amazing with such a short build-up. After many messages of support and suggestions it can’t end here it was agreed to try again, the next “Get Nottingham Trending Day” being Tuesday May 29th.

We now have a bespoke account, @NottinghamTrend, where we plan to build a strong following as the big day approaches.